Collecting stories

Everyone is a storyteller – we tell stories everyday to each other from ‘what happened on the way to work’ to ‘family memories’.    We tell each other stories to share information, relate and inspire on may levels.

Whilst researching Anancy trickster stories to re-tell to children, I also decided to collect stories from around the world by asking a few  people for their favourite folktale  they were told as a child.  As well as collecting a huge wealth of stories from around the world, there will also be a wonderful story around each person’s chosen memory and the reason it was their favourite story.

What’s so remarkable to me is the global element and variety of versions with folktales. I begin by asking my friends who are a different nationality from me, or who’s parents are not British.  I’m interested to see if we have been told similar stories from around the world or different stories which originate from the same place!  One of my friends shares a Nepalese version of  ‘The Honest Wood Cutter’.  Do you know this story?  Have you heard another version of it?

Tips for collecting stories

  • Choose a comfortable location or create a story circle
  • Be a good listener, try not to interrupt
  • Interview your teller – have open questions ready