Developing your literacy curriculum 2014

Oral storytelling and the literacy curriculum 2014

Child drawing a scene - literacy curriculum 2014 plansTeachers are making plans for their literacy curriculum 2014. A few teachers including assistant Head Teachers have approached me about providing oral storytelling workshops for their schools.  Thanks to recent changes in the National Curriculum 2014, oral storytelling is being placed at the heart of the literacy curriculum 2014.  This is a really exciting time for Story Boat. It means that we can work closely with schools to come up with creative ways to engage pupils in stories and story composition.

For example, one of our storytelling workshops is focused on vocabulary for story settings.  As a group we describe the setting of a scene within our story.  In pairs, children draw their version of that scene and describe it orally.  We give them vocabulary which they can include in their description.  It’s amazing listening to the variety of ways they use key words.

I’ve been working on some new templates to give teachers as useful resources to use after one of our workshops. I’m really keen for teachers to be able to do creative follow up activities after our sessions. Story Boat templates are a great way to facilitate that.  Watch this space!