Storytelling at Stamford Hill school

As part of their Black History Month celebrations, I was asked to do storytelling at Stamford Hill school.   I entertained Year 1 and Reception with Anansi and the talking Melon and how Anansi got his stories.

The children’s attention was immediately captured when I showed them my huge wooden boat.  I explained that we sere sailing to West Africa for our stories on Story Boat. This sparked stories about pirates, boats and where they are all from.  A few children who were from Ghana and Nigeria, were really happy to tell share what they knew about West Africa.

Story Boat's ship for storytelling at Stamford Hill school
Story Boat’s ship

We used lots of animal masks, a portrait of Anancy the spider man, a rain-maker and my jam music player with atmospheric forest sounds.  Year 1 were very lively and everyone wanted a role to play in my stories.

As there were 30 children in the class I had to think of every possible way that I could get the children involved.  I wrote the titles of the stories I was planning to tell, on to several small scrolls of paper.  These were then hidden on my huge Boat and I allowed children to take turns in choosing a scroll, thereby choosing the next story to be told.  It worked a treat.