WOW words

I spent an afternoon telling folk tales with a Year 3 class at Campsbourne school.  Everyone was animated and keen to join in with ideas to add to the plot, create atmosphere with musical props or act out a character.

The surprising part of the sessions was how much time we spent thinking of various WOW words.  These are descriptive words which are used to make sentences more interesting and exciting. E.g. beautiful, fantastic..

Each time I described a character’s personality or their surroundings, I used about 2 or 3 WOW words. Pupils asked me the meaning of some and shared their own WOW words. The boys were extremely ghoulish with their descriptions and I had to quickly turn it around to stop the story from becoming too scary.

I think our longest sentence was ” MARVELLOUS MAGICAL Mr Death bragged about his BEAUTIFUL ENORMOUS house with SHOCKING and FRIGHTENING things hidden behind the walls.  Getting children to create part of the story really makes each telling so unique.