Arabian Nights

Sultan's hat for Arabian Nights storytellingDuring the Easter school holidays, I’ll be telling stories from One Thousand and One Nights at the Art House Crouch End.  I’m really looking forward to sharing stories from the Arabian Nights with children and families.

The stories have been collected and re-told over many centuries by various people from India, Persia and Arabia long before they were ever written down. The story surrounding their very existence is a magical tale in itself….

Legend has it that a long time ago in Arabia there lived a beautiful woman called Sheherazade.  She was doomed to be executed by a powerful sultan.  To delay her death, Sheherazade would tell him a tale each night.  At the end of each tale the sultan would spare her life for another night to hear her tell another tale.  Supposedly these tales went on for 1001 nights.

In keeping with my storytelling style, I’ll be creating an atmosphere of mystery and magic with music, props and larger than life characters.  There will be a few drama and storymaking games for the adventurous children who want to help shape the Arabian Nights tales.

I’m having trouble deciding which tales to tell as I have so many favourites! If you’d like to come along and join in or take a break and leave your kids to join in, then choose a date and book tickets online.