Storytelling without props

Wendy Shearer storytelling
Wendy Shearer storytelling

Storytelling without props can be fun and spontaneous at times. If I’m storytelling  in a public venue I’ll always have a few props on show just to set the scene like a dragon puppet for Chinese folk tales or an Ali Baba for Arabian Nights tales.  Plus I bring along props for the children to try out as part of the story, like a rain maker or a mask.

When there are 50 or more children watching and listening to the story, it’s good to have lots of other ways for them to join in without props so that they don’t feel left out.  Here are a few ideas for storytelling without props that I’ve found work really well when I performed at the Art House Crouch End. Everyone looked like they were having a good time whilst they were joining in:

  1. Sound effects  – creaking doors, bangs and shrieks.
  2. Making the weather – howling like the wind or creating raindrops.
  3. Facial expressions – wide eyes, looking shocked or pensive.
  4. Body movements – twisting and turning for storms or wind.
  5. Speaking – repeating a verse or commands.
  6. Rhythms – clapping or stamping in time

If you’ve got any other ideas, let me know or if you’ve tried any of these, tell me how you get on!