Black History Month Workshops for schools

Black History Month 2015

The summer is barely through and Story Boat is already nearly booked up for Storytelling Events at Schools.  I’m really excited to be preparing Black History Month Workshops for schools.  Quite a few teachers have asked me to prepare workshops around Black British citizenship and culture.  Other schools are keen for me to retell Anansi stories and other Caribbean folk-tales.

It’s an additional treat for me to be able to join in events that celebrate our diverse culture because I not only get to revisit familiar stories and themes, but I get to have a good chin-wag with my and Grandmother her husband about being Black and Caribbean in the 60s which is when they arrived in the UK.

Grandmother Cleo and Cyrus
Grandmother Cleo and Cyrus have many stories to share for Black History Month

Rather than just talking about hardships or challenges, they both find amusing and side-splitting stories to share from that period.  I like to call it their ‘Caribbean English tales’ because my Grandmother is the best oral storyteller! I’ll share a few of the gems in my next post.