World Book Day 2016

Wendy Shearer at Mitchell Brook Primary School

Stories stories stories

I absolutely love World Book Day celebrations.  Yes it’s for the children BUT we adults get a free pass to dress up (if we wish) and obsess about our favourite stories, characters and authors.

To be honest I do that quite a lot as a storyteller anyway but WBD 2016 is a week where I’m not alone, everyone around me is celebrating too.

This week I’m visiting primary schools across London and I’ve been in awe at the ideas and enthusiasm that goes into their Book Week.  I’ve mentioned one of my visits below and will update more at the end of the week!

Mitchell Brook Primary School

The minute I entered the school I was immersed in Roald Dahl.  They were celebrating his books in a BIG way.  Great big poster sized illustrated quotes, book reviews, brilliant artwork and every child had a copy of one of his books.

World Book Day 2016 - Roald Dahl poster


There was a distinctive buzz in the corridors.  Teachers were animated and children were carrying their books.  Suddenly a bell went off and there was mild chatter, giggling and a slight dash.  “What’s going on?” I asked.  Then I saw the sign: STOP DROP & READ. One of the teachers explained that when the bell rings, everyone stops what they’re doing, picks up a book and reads.  This meant that they needed to have their book nearby at all times.  It was brilliant and so much fun to see in action.

World Book Day 2016 - Roald Dahl Books

I was there to join in the Roald Dahl madness and decided to tell one of my favourite Roald Dahl stories: ‘The Enormous Crocodile’.  For me this story is all about about the ‘clever tricks’ and the fantastic way Dahl creates wonderful images with his rhymes and onomatopoeia.

Wendy Shearer at Mitchell Brook Primary School

We were CRUNCHING & MUNCHING & HONKING all through the story.  I even let one of the children throw my enormous crocodile toy around the room to show him WHIZZING off into space.  This ended in a mass bundle with the entire class jumping on it.  Ahem.. not to be repeated.

I’m at St Aidan’s Primary School tomorrow to join in their theme of ‘Where do stories take us?’ I plan to tell a few tales which will have us journeying to magical lands, shape-shifting and conjuring deadly spells. Can’t wait!