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Gingerbread and Stories

I feel very fortunate to have a wonderful group of storytellers who I meet with regularly to tell stories, rehearse and perform together.  We’ve put on a few events over the last year, initially as part of the Furzedown Festival and now under our own steam as a South London Storytelling group.

Our latest evening of stories was themed ‘tales to tickle your fancy’ where we each chose stories to evoke a variety of emotions in our audience.

Storyteller June Peters performing The Veil
June Peters telling ‘The Veil’.

Hosted by the Storyteller of Southfields, Hannah Need, we began the evening with a tale from one of the Arabian Nights collection ‘The Veil’.  Beautifully told by June Peters, it is a story which begins with the promise of love and freedom before swiftly revealing oppression and deceit.

My story ‘The Little Hunchback’, is also from the Arabian Nights.  I love this tale as it is filled with murder and mayhem, interwoven with dark humour.

Alison Royce intrigued everyone with her seductive tale of the ‘The Woman Who Had Two’.  Also beginning with the promise of love and freedom, this tale revealed the ingenuity of a woman who could teach a man to be happy with what he already has.

Storyteller Alison Royce
Alison Royce telling ‘The Woman Who Had Two’

Eileen Egerton told a familiar tale with an unusual twist – The Gingerbread Man.  Inspired by Margaret Atwood’s version, Eileen’s characters came to life with a swing of her hips and a twinkle in her eye.  Beginning with a woman in search of love or lust, Eileen gave new meaning to the chant ‘run, run as fast as you can… you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man’.  She even provided delicious home baked gingerbread men, colourfully iced by Hannah’s children.

Storyteller Eileen Egerton
Eileen Egerton telling ‘The Gingerbread Man’

Hannah ended our evening with the tale of ‘The Dragon Stoorwarm and a boy called Assipatle’.  Hannah expertly led us through a tale filled with death and destruction, before wits overcame might and true love conquered all.

South London Storytelling - Gingerbread men

One of the enjoyable parts of these intimate evenings, is the opportunity to mingle with everyone during our break and afterwards.  It’s a time to share what drew us to our selection of stories and hear what everyone takes away from them.  I do hope you can join us for the next one.  I’ll keep you posted!



South London Storytelling

Evening Tales to tickle your fancy

As we ease into the month of March with a spring in our step and a twinkle in our eye, the South London Storytelling Club invites you to an evening of stories which may shock, delight and amuse you.

Join Wendy with South London Storytelling Club in Southfields as they each tell you a tale in a cosy atmosphere.  Ticket details are below:

Time: 7.30pm, Stories from 8pm

Tickets: £7 with a drink included

Venue: Southfields.  Email for full address and tickets.

Storytellers: Hannah Need, Eileen Everton, Alison Royce

South London Storytelling event