The Importance of Storytelling for Children

National Storytelling Week

The Book People asked me to contribute to their blog article about the importance for storytelling for children. This is in honour of National Storytelling Week which was started by Storyteller and Folklorist Del Reid.  I was delighted to share some of my thoughts on how I feel it benefits children:

‘Oral Storytelling is a powerful social activity which encourages children to connect with language and develop confidence in articulating their ideas. Both the listener and the teller are given the freedom to question and explore through this shared experience. The magic of storytelling comes alive as each child has a unique response to what they have heard, allowing them to let their imagination run free. Storytelling strengthens and supports literacy by widening children’s vocabulary and improving their communication and listening skills. In this way, Storytellers are inspiring the next generation of readers and writers.’

Storytellers Vanessa Woolf and Andy Copps also contributed with insightful thoughts about the meaning of storytelling. Read the full blog article here.

If you’d like to know what storytelling events are happening for National Storytelling Week or any other time, visit the Society for Storytelling‘s website which has a listing of many events and a directory of Storytellers all over the UK.