Museum of the Home

Tomorrowland 2050

The Tomorrowland is a multimedia project where pupils and teachers from local schools in Hackney (St Paul’s with St Michael’s, Sebright and Queensbridge primary) were invited by the Museum of the Home to create their vision of Hackney in 2050.

Wendy Shearer was part of the team with lead artist Bernadette Russell, sound recordist, Erik Perera, Hannah Marshall and illustrator Kremena Dimitrova. They ran creative workshops over 6 weeks in the schools, inspiring children to explore their vision of what home might be in the future.

With storytelling, and examples of current and future inventions from around the world, Wendy encouraged the children to let their imaginations run free. The result was an explosion of creativity in the form of spoken and written word, and plenty of imaginative artwork displaying what ‘home’ means to them and how they would like ot to be in 2050. Four illustrative maps were created from their ideas with audio recordings. View their artwork, download posters of the maps and listen to audio of their ideas .