British Museum event

Wendy Shearer storytelling at the British Museum

African and ancient Greek Myths

During half term at the British Museum, I was invited to tell stories from the African continent and Greece. My first degree was in Classics and so I have always loved reading and researching about ancient greek literature, art, and philosophy. As a Storyteller, I am now able to tell the African versions of some of the Greek myths and present the connections between Greece and North African landmarks within the stories.

The Africa Gallery exhibition space

My event was packed out with families and individuals of all ages in the Africa Galleries amidst the most amazing sculptures and collections. They came to hear me tell the story of ‘Perseus, Medusa and Andromeda the Ethiopian Princess’. and the Ghanaian story: ‘Why the Leopard Has Spots’ which is also a story in my book of African and Caribbean Folktales, Myths and Legends.