Women Who Gave No F*cks

Story Jam invited Wendy to be one of their storytellers for an evening of Women Who Gave No F’*cks.

Presented by the Crick Crack Club, Wendy told the story of Mama D’leau, the fierce protector of the rivers and all sea-creatures from Trinidad. Often mistaken for a mermaid but her serpent tail will LASH anyone who crosses her. Ruler of an underwater kingdom, she won’t hesitate to turn transgressors into mer-people.

Storytellers Alys Torrance, Lucy Lill, Nell Phoenix, Wendy Shearer, Laura Sampson & Sarah Rundle gave audiences a night of no-holds-barred tale telling. Attendees were also given the chance to vote for the most courageous, super-woman in the story and Wendy one the first round!