Storytelling at The Courtauld Gallery

Wendy Shearer Storytelling at the Courtauld Gallery

I had a brilliant evening storytelling last night for the Unearthing Exhibition at the Courtauld gallery. To ‘unearth’ is to reveal what has been buried, surfacing the past to shed new light on the present. In this exhibition 10 artists explore complex histories, geographies and memories including personal stories of a family’s migration to the UK.

I was asked to tell stories of the cunning folk hero Kweku Anansi, (featured in one of the pieces of art) invoking his rebellious and trickster nature. Each session was filled with intensity as the audience listened quietly to my tales which drew upon some of the spiritual beliefs brought over to the Caribbean by the enslaved people; and they responded enthusiastically when asked to join in.

Thank you everyone for such a lovely evening. Somerset House is one of my favourite spaces and I had a chance to watch the lively immersive performances and exhibits in the courtyard afterwards. Don’t be alarmed if you go and find yourself caught up in the middle of a flash mob street scene, chase or dance!