Windrush Anniversary celebrations at St John’s C of E Primary

Can you spy any of your favourite fruits in this display?

Mangoes, banana fritters, fried plantain and even ROTI was being made and shared during my school visit to St John’s C of E Primary school in Kingston today. They invited me as part of their Windrush Anniversary celebrations and I started with an assembly to the entire school by talking about the history of the Windrush generation, the 1948 Empire ship which brought over 800 people to work and live in the UK as British Citizens of the British Empire.

I read an extract from my book: Caribbean Folktales: stories from the islands and the Windrush Generation where Eulinda Antonette Clarke and Stewart Euline shared their childhood memories of leaving their islands and families to live and work here in the UK all of those years ago.

After assembly, I ran storytelling sessions with each year group celebrating the folklore and history of people who came during the Windrush years. Steel pans echoed throughout the school corridors and the delicious smell of Caribbean food. It was such a lovely atmosphere all day and I’m so happy to have been a part of it.

Years 5 & 6 had some amazing ideas and questions about my stories, writing and telling tales. Reception created these cute paintings of Anansi from one of our stories. Look closely and you’ll see a crocodile pattern which was part of his disguise in the story.

Thank you for having me and for placing my books in your school for all to enjoy!

You can find these stories in my collection of Caribbean Folktales published by The History Press with its cover gloriously illustrated by Jenna Catton and inside by Mariko Aruga. Available in many good bookshops and here.