Windrush Legacy Roadshows

I was honoured to travel to Southampton for the Windrush Legacy Roadshows in collaboration with University of Southampton, John Hansard Gallery and Black Archives South and storyteller Amanda Daepe which began last week. I performed new stories that I’ve written, based on oral histories recorded by Padmini Broomfield. These are amazing stories about Caribbean and East African people living in Southampton – the beautiful landscape, families and communities they left, the harsh reality of what they faced and the overwhelming talent and passion they brought.

I feel very privileged to share these stories with my creative take on the immense contribution they have each made to the community since arriving in the UK during the Windrush years. 🚢

Southampton City Centre August 30

It was a wonderful day performing my Windrush stories based on oral histories of Caribbean people in Southampton. So much pride was expressed by audience members after hearing me tell their personal Windrush Legacy stories! I’m so happy that I was able to share all 4 oral histories and that everyone joined in. It was amazing to have children and grandchildren share in these stories too. It was a wonderful multi-generational project. It’s so important for them to learn about this history from their family’s perspective.

Here I am with the legendary Steel pan drummer Gordon Benn and Steven James Weir who is the great nephew of Louise Bennett MBE – Jamaican folklorist/writer/poet.







We were so packed with folks from all quarters of the Caribbean and the local groups. I travelled the islands in their memories today.










Lordshill Library August 31

Another wonderful day telling Windrush stories based on the oral histories of Anne Cato from Kenya who specialised in midwifery and contributed to training & improvements for midwives in the NHS, Kerwin Rogers & Gordon Benn from St Vincent & the Grenadines and Andre Fergus from Monsterrat.

I met the lovely Guyanese Yvonne Harris and her family (also from the same part of Guyana as my mum) and many others who joined in the Caribbean folktales & rhymes from my book of ‘Caribbean Folktales: Stories from the Islands and the Windrush Generation‘  pictured standing proudly next to Floella Benjamin, David Olusoga and Benjamin Zephania’s books.

To listen to these oral histories, visit the British Library or the Southampton City Archives.

Thank you all for coming! Thanks to the librarians at Lordshill Library who hosted us and big thanks to Bella and Lynne from John Hansard Gallery.