Rewilding Cinderella at the Scottish International Storytelling Festival

Laura Sampston storytelling at SISF

Loads of photos from rehearsals for the Scottish International Storytelling Festival where the theme is Right To be Human! My cosy hat was not coming off even inside their warm cottage. 😆

Rehearsing our songs for Rewilding Cinderella all day paid off with expert guidance from Heulwen and Fleur Shorthouse who led us all and drummed the words into me. We had Laura Sampson and Kes Bootprints strumming and drumming! 🪘

Thank you to the lovely RBG staff who allowed us to belt out songs in their cottage at 10.30am.

Visitors to the gardens gave us space to rehearse our stories and tell them to the trees.

We had fabulous audiences for our two branches of storytelling dispersed throughout the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (one for adults and one for families). We told stories of Cinderella the ash child from Iran, Scotland, Greece, Japan, Russia and mine from Haiti, all woven together to explore the global, local and intimate journey of the ash child. We also offered beautiful craft creations of acorns and acorn books with story quotes made by Hannah Battershell. All the adults were just as enthralled with the crafting activity amidst the wild flowers and beneath the trees!