History Workshops

“Re-living history through your storytelling was most enjoyable” – Oakington Manor Primary School

Wendy Shearer is a professional storyteller who visits schools across the UK.  Her history workshops are designed for children to engage with periods and scenes from history through storytelling.

Using traditional oral storytelling skills, Wendy Shearer makes characters, dilemmas and cultures come alive with props, illustrations and music.

Black History Month Workshop
St Mary Magdalene School – Black History Month

After each story, children are encouraged to ask Wendy leading questions about what they’ve heard and share their thoughts and opinions about that period of history.  She then provides fun history workshop activities which allow them to learn through drama and creative play.

Mary Seacole Character Wall - History WorkshopAt Oakington Many Primary School, Wendy Shearer re-told stories of ‘the wonderful adventures of Mary Seacole’. Year 3 pupils listened intently as she spoke of daring deeds by a single woman who was an entrepreneur, traveller and a healer during victorian times.

At the Millennium Primary School, Wendy Shearer re-told stories about ‘the underground railroad and Harriet Tubman’. Year 5 pupils deciphered a unique code in teams using the language of the underground railroad.

If you have a particular theme or period in time you’d like explored for history workshops, please contact Wendy Shearer to book a brilliant storyteller.