Wendy Shearer is a professional storyteller who offers storytelling workshops for children. All storytelling workshops are packed with story making games, story mapping and drama for children. The aim of each workshop is to allow children to develop their confidence, speaking and listening skills whilst being led through the art of oral storytelling.  Below are details of the storytelling workshops. Find out about Black History Month workshops for Schools.

Wearing a mask to act out the Anancy character
One of the Campsbourne School pupils acting out Anancy’s disguise


Key objectives and follow up activities are provided for teachers and parents to use afterwards.  All workshops are tailored for the relevant age group.  Wendy uses stories that classes are working on or she find stories to suit events or themes.

Each storytelling workshop

We cater for up to 30 children in each storytelling workshop. Workshops run for 1hr – 90 minutes depending on your class timetable.  The format of the workshop is as follows:

Children listen and watch an oral story performed by Wendy.  Everyone participates in story mapping, story making games and drama as they are guided to retell and adapt their version of the story with Wendy.  The following areas are covered in each workshop (storytelling workshops can be tailored to focus on specific areas and themes like Black History Month if requested):

1. The art of oral storytelling

Wendy performs a folk tale from around the world.

2. Characters

Exploring characters and emotions from traditional tales, children use drama and their own illustrations to create and describe characters in their own words.

3. Story plots and dilemmas

Looking at basic plots, children generate and solve story problems to adapt and re-tell a story in their own words.

4. Story settings
Taking a familiar tale, children work with Wendy to explore, describe and create new settings to re-tell a story in their own words.

Contact Wendy to discuss your needs and book workshops or storytelling sessions.