Storytelling School Day

Wendy Shearer is a professional storyteller who visits primary schools across London performing oral storytelling for assemblies, year groups and individual classes. Each storytelling session is tailored to suit your themes or curriculum topics. A storytelling school day can be arranged around your time-table to accommodate 1, 2, 3 & 4 form entry.

Wendy uses oral storytelling to retell folk tales from around the world.  Children are encouraged to join in with rhymes, chants, music & props.

A typical storytelling School Day

9am – 3pm

Morning sessions

Assembly or reception:  30 mins

Yr 1 :                      30 mins

Yr 2:                      30 mins

School morning break

Yr 3:                     up to 45 mins

Yr 4:                      up to 45 mins

Afternoon sessions

Yr 5:                   up to 45 mins

Yr 6:                   up to 45 mins

Inspiring the next generation of readers & writers

Each storytelling session with Wendy captivates children and allows them to step into the tale with her. Wendy’s repertoire of folk tales, myths and legends leaves an imprint on each child during the storytelling day by:

  • improving speaking and listening skills
  • developing confidence in sharing ideas with peers
  • widening vocabulary through listening and speaking
  • nurturing collaboration through group story making games
  • Sparking an interest in writing, reading or retelling a story

Contact Wendy to discuss your curriculum needs and find out rates for a half or full school storytelling day.