Storytelling for Secondary schools

KS3 storytelling

Wendy Shearer is a professional storyteller who performs traditional folk tales, myths and legends from around the world.  Her storytelling for Secondary schools can also be based on your curriculum topics.

Wendy can bring contemporary and classic tales to your classroom or take personal requests to retell a story which children are already working on.

KS3 storytelling workshops are also available.  These storytelling sessions involve story-creating activities which encourage children to develop their literacy, communication, collaboration and creative skills.  They offer a brilliant way to involve children in the stories and bring their prose and verses alive.

Wendy was fantastic! Such a beautiful repertoire of stunning stories, all enhanced with sound, music, props and costumes. Wendy was so calm and versatile, adapting her pitchm tone and language to meet the needs of our pupils. I heartily recommend Wendy to other schools and organisations. –  Assistant Head Teacher, John Chilton School

Wendy Shearer storytelling with Secondary pupils
Wendy Shearer storytelling with Secondary pupils at Marymount School

Contact Wendy to find out her full repertoire and to book sessions.