Storytelling Workshop School day

Wendy Shearer is a professional storyteller who visits primary schools across London offering storytelling sessions and storytelling workshops for KS1, KS2 and KS3.

Each storytelling workshop at school is tailored for the relevant age-group and focuses on the art of oral storytelling.  Through story mapping, story making games and drama, children retell and adapt a story that they have been told by Wendy.

Each workshop begins with Wendy performing a short story.  She then guides children to develop the characters, settings as a group and individually.  Workshops can last from 45 minutes to 1hr to suit your curriculum timetable.

A typical Storytelling Workshop school day

9am – 3pm

Morning sessions

Assembly story: 30 mins

Yr 1:                      1hr

School morning break

Yr 2:                    45 mins

Yr 3 & 4:             1hr

Afternoon sessions

Yr 5:                    45 mins

Yr 6:                   45 mins

 Inspiring the next generation of readers, writers & storytellers

Storytelling workshops at school with Wendy give children the space and the time to let their imagination run riot. Whether or not they are already familiar with the tale, each child becomes delighted at becoming ‘the storyteller‘ and creating their own version of the tale.   Each storytelling workshop raises the standards of reading, writing and storytelling by:

  • widening vocabulary through listening and speaking
  • encouraging reading through familiarity with stories
  • developing confidence in articulating and sharing ideas

Contact Wendy to discuss your curriculum needs and find out rates for a half or full day of storytelling workshops.