British Museum Storytelling

The Death of Osiris

Monday 23rd May, 18.30 and 20.30

Come and join Wendy for an evening of British Museum storytelling.  ‘The Death of Osiris’ is a tale of love, envy and betrayal. Married to his sister and killed by his brother, Wendy will introduce you to the ancient Egyptian gods and goddess that caused the death of Osiris.  Filled with intrigue and suspense this will be a storytelling event for a Members’ Evening, inspired by the current exhibition: Sunken Cities – Egypt’s Lost Worlds.

The Adventures of Odysseus

Monday 23rd May, 19.30

Lost at sea, chased away by the man eating Cyclops, Odysseus finds little respite in the city of clouds as he and his men are bewitched by Circe the Enchantress.  You will be in for a delight and compelling storytelling adventure with Wendy.  Come along to the British Museum storytelling for a wonderful event.