Preparing to tell Ancient Greek Myths

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Storytelling at the British Museum - Wendy Shearer

I was thrilled when the British Museum asked me to prepare a series of stories for one of their evening events coming up in May. They have a new exhibition opening on 19th May: Sunken Cities – Egypt’s Lost Worlds. Two cities have been recently discovered beneath the waters of the Mediterranean which reveal previously […]


Storytelling moments – what can go wrong

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Storytelling moments - Wendy Shearer

Storytelling involves telling a story live to an audience.  Your performance is not memorised word by word, but you’ve worked out or practiced the direction and main plot of the story. When I can picture it in my mind, the words follow on like stepping stones and a detailed image is created for everyone listening. […]

Primary Schools

World Book Day 2016

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Wendy Shearer at Mitchell Brook Primary School

Stories stories stories I absolutely love World Book Day celebrations.  Yes it’s for the children BUT we adults get a free pass to dress up (if we wish) and obsess about our favourite stories, characters and authors. To be honest I do that quite a lot as a storyteller anyway but WBD 2016 is a […]