Past Events

British Museum

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Wendy Shearer storytelling at the British Museum

Wendy Shearer performing Greek myths from Homer’s ‘Iliad’ and ‘The Odyssey’.  There were over 200 people attending each day during half term to listen and join in with her storytelling at The British Museum.  These sessions were part of the ‘Troy: Myth or Reality’ exhibition.

Primary Schools

National Storytelling Week 2020

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Storytelling stage at Trafalgar Junior School

Trafalgar Junior School in Twickenham invited Wendy to take part in their 10th Annual Storytelling Festival during National Storytelling Week. In previous years, renowned storytellers Taffy Thomas, MBE, and Sally Pomme Clayton have also visited their school, sharing stories with the entire school and being one of the judges for their Storytelling competition. Wendy was […]