Black History Month Workshops for Schools

Storytelling workshops for Schools

Black History Month Workshops for Schools
Storytelling at Campsbourne School

Black History Month is celebrated in the UK every October. It is a wonderful opportunity for children in schools to explore and celebrate African and Caribbean culture and history.

Wendy Shearer’s Black History month workshops engage children with stories of inspiring Black British people like Mary Prince and Mary Seacole. She brings to life stories from Africa and the Caribbean, with traditional music and beautiful, sensory props which reflect the diverse communities within the UK.

Contact Wendy to find out about and book Black History month workshops for EYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3 classes and assemblies.

My mum is from Ghana.  We eat that at home too.” – Year 2 pupil

“The children warmed to Wendy immediately, and she had them spellbound with her stories from South Africa. I would highly recommend her!” Coconut Nursery N16