Caribbean Folktales: stories from the islands & memories from the Windrush generation

Caribbean Folktales book Cover

Wendy has written two collections of short stories. Both books will be published in 2021 by The History Press and Scholastic . Her book of Caribbean Folktales: stories from the islands and memories from the Windrush generation, is a colourful collection of folktales, legends and historical figures, which Wendy has researched and written in her own voice. Alongside the folktales, Wendy has captured reminiscences of migration from the Windrush generation – stories from people who came to the UK as children with their parents from these islands; helping to rebuild Britain and forge new communities.


Caribbean folktales are steeped in history. Many originate from enslaved Africans, carried to islands with rhythm and song, then blended with European and East Indian folklore.  The book is divided into chapters that reflect the characters, culture and traditions from Caribbean islands. Personal accounts from the Windrush generation, introduce each chapter, sharing their memories: hopes, fears and first impressions of the UK. These touching stories link to the chapters of tricksters, love and loss, shape-shifters and spirits, caution and justice.

Cric, Crac! Prepare to be enchanted by La Diablesse from Haiti, tricked by the clever rascal Anansi, terrified by the shape-shifting ol’Higue from Guyana and enthralled by the formidable Toussaint Louverture, the first successful slave revolt leader. This book has been written to be read out aloud in the spirit of traditional oral storytelling. It will be published by The History Press in 2021.

African and Caribbean Folktales, Myths and Legends

African and Caribbean Folktales, Myths and Legends, Book Cober
African & Caribbean Folktales, Myths and Legends by Wendy Shearer

This is an enchanting collection of stories for children which will be published by Scholastic 2nd September 2021. Wendy has researched and collected stories from different regions across Africa and the Caribbean islands. You will find legends about the indigenous tribes, myths about the pantheon of African Orishas and spooky tales of magical shapeshifters and spirits.  In ‘The Headless Dance’ a hilarious story from Cuba, the Devil gets tricked by Turkeys. ‘Why the Leopard Has Spots,’ a story from Ghana explains what happens if you are greedy. This book is a treasure trove of stories and characters for children and families to enjoy. Wendy is thrilled to be sharing these tales with the next generation of readers, writers and storytellers.