Storytelling with Wendy Shearer

Storytelling is one of the oldest art forms. All ages are captivated as they listen to a story. The teller creates and breathes new life into every word. The listener imagines and reacts, sharing emotions and finding new meanings. The story becomes yours to pass on. 

Wendy Shearer is a London Professional Storyteller.  She performs online storytelling on virtual platforms, offering pre-recorded stories and in-person for schools, family events and adult audiences.  Her stories are drawn mostly from her Afro-Caribbean heritage with trickster tales of Anansi the spider for all ages and folktales from West Africa.  She also tells ancient Greek Myths and epic tales, adapting her favourite stories from  Homer’s ‘Odyssey’ and the ‘Iliad’ which she was also commissioned to perform for the London Literature Festival in the Royal Festival Hall Wendy has a large repertoire of stories from around the world to suit a diverse range of cultures and ages.

For children and schools

Wendy’s storytelling sessions are interactive with engaging stories.  Every child is encouraged to participate as she breathes new life into the stories with beautiful props and traditional music.  She has stories to suit each year group and whole school assemblies.  She also has stories to suit the curriculum or your celebrations like Black History Month. Oral Storytelling is a powerful social activity. Children connect with language and develop confidence in articulating their ideas. Contact Wendy for prices and availability.  Read more about Wendy’s storytelling sessions for schools

For older audiences/adults

Allow your imagination to run free, listen and let yourself be swept away on a tide of words as the stories unfold around you. Wendy tells stories for festivals, public and private events. She brings colourful tales, diverse characters and a range of emotions to every oral storytelling event for adults.

Contact Wendy to find out her full repertoire of stories and to book storytelling sessions at your event or at your school.