Greek Myths

Scylla was not born for death.. She is is a thing of terror, intractable, ferocious and impossible to fight.   Circe to Odsseus, The Odyssey

Listed below are a few of the ancient Greek Myths that Wendy Shearer performs and runs as workshops.  These stories have been performed by Wendy at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Southbank Literature Festival and in Schools across the UK.

Storytelling at the British Museum - Wendy Shearer
Storytelling at the British Museum – Wendy Shearer

Workshop Outline

All workshops are very interactive. Wendy performs stories and runs story making activities and games where children are encouraged to develop alternative plots, discuss dilemmas in the stories and create their own mythical realms.  Here are a few of the stories in Wendy’s repertoire of Greek Myths

Tales from the Odyssey

A wonderful series of short stories about Odysseus’ troublesome journey home back to Ithaca after the Trojan War.  Wendy creates a magical world filled with unrequited love, enchantment, curses and a vivid array of gods and goddesses encountered by Odysseus and his men.

King Midas

With lots of glittering golden props, Wendy’s version of this story of the Greek King who wish for all he touches to turn to gold, has all ages spell bound.

12 Labours of Herakles / Hercules

From slaying the Neamean Lion to stealing the golden apples of the Hesperides, Wendy’s story of the 12 Labours is enjoyed by all ages.  Everyone is encouraged to participate with drama activities designed to unleash everyone’s imagination and bring these magical, mythical creatures to life.

If there are any other Greek myths or themes you would like performed, please get in touch.