National Storytelling Week

Magic & mystery

It’s been a wonderful few days celebrating national storytelling week.  Magic & mystery has been my theme for stories and I had the most fun telling them with Hill Mead Primary school yesterday. Sometimes I have an idea in my head, to set the scene but it’s always best to take the temperature of the room first before deciding!

Hill Mead Primary SchoolThe entire school assembly entered in silence and were very attentive.  This was perfect for some atmospheric forest sounds to transport everyone to another place.

The Wedding Basket & rainmaker
The Wedding Basket & rainmaker

For the first time, I told the story of the ‘Wedding Basket’.  A taboo tale from Nigeria.  With the help of some brightly coloured twirly kites, we danced and created the magical golden threads which fell out of the sky for the daughters of the sky god.

One of the children likened the ending of the story to Pandora’s box as my tale ends with the curious husband looking in his wife’s Wedding basket after she had forbidden him to do so.