World Book Day ideas

Story Boat pops used during storytelling

There’s lots of excitement and buzz around World Book Day which falls on 5th March 2015.  Schools and families will be celebrating from next week.  I have a few World Book Day ideas which I’m planning to share online in their ‘World Book Day ideas‘ section.

I’ll be visiting St Aidan’s Primary School , Campsbourne School and St Paul’s Primary School in North London next week for a mixture of storytelling sessions and storytelling workshops.

Story Boat pops used during storytellingBringing the stories to life

When storytelling in primary schools, I really love to let children join in with helping the stories come to life.  For KS1 classes, I’ll be using lots of props and getting them to volunteer to act out some of the character actions.  Children who are not chosen can always join in with movement and sound for other actions e.g. stormy weather.

Character descriptions

For KS2 storytelling workshops we will create a ‘character wall’ with descriptions of some of our favourite characters written up on flip chart paper.  Another World Book idea will be to create our own bookmarks with some ‘blurb’ about what we loved most from our favourite books.