Buckinghamshire Archives

Buckinghamshire Archives commissioned Wendy to write and perform three stories based on research from their Black History Group project. The project looked into historical evidence of Black people living in Buckinghamshire during the 16th-19th century.

Blending Myth with Non-fiction

Wendy began her stories in the original geographical landscape of the Black people found buried in Buckinghamshire Archives.

These were Sampson Ethiope, Henry Pompie and William Cuba, who all came from Africa and the Caribbean to live and work in Buckinghamshire during the 16th and 19th Centuries.

Wendy Shearer with archive records

Wendy researched the political and historical climate of their time and blended African and Caribbean myths and folklore into their true stories. It was an illuminating combination which she performed in person for the project team and their guests, to celebrate the culmination of their research into Black lives in Buckinghamshire.

Listen to: Tony Sargeant, Secretary of the Black Bucks Family History Society talking to Archivist Katherine Gwyn about his research into Black lives in Buckinghamshire.