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Women Who Gave No F*cks

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Story Jam invited Wendy to be one of their storytellers for an evening of Women Who Gave No F’*cks. Presented by the Crick Crack Club, Wendy told the story of Mama D’leau, the fierce protector of the rivers and all sea-creatures from Trinidad. Often mistaken for a mermaid but her serpent tail will LASH anyone […]

Storytelling Workshops

Developing your literacy curriculum 2014

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Oral storytelling and the literacy curriculum 2014 Teachers are making plans for their literacy curriculum 2014. A few teachers including assistant Head Teachers have approached me about providing oral storytelling workshops for their schools.  Thanks to recent changes in the National Curriculum 2014, oral storytelling is being placed at the heart of the literacy curriculum […]


Artwork for Anancy the spider man

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When I do live, oral storytelling it means that every time I retell a story it is unique.  It is my interpretation and version of that story.  That’s one of the most compelling aspects of the ancient tradition of oral storytelling.  The stories are not read or memorised, they are ‘retold’. In the same way […]